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Bean Soup Science Online

Our Mission Is Simple:

"Creating networks, materials & curriculum for cultural engineering, science literacy & nation building." 

We want to become a permanent accelerator of discipline within the African American Community and to spark the imagination & motivation to become a family of nation builders. We assist The Conscious Community one solution at a time by promoting science literacy, self-reliance, and refined sensibilities.  


Go beyond blaming color or race. Don't wait for reparations, a pharmaceutical drug, cult-like leaders, political parties, or this SYSTEM to give you what they can not.  Start making the world you want, by culturally engineering the people you need.


Our researched-based materials promote:

  • Solutions for diversified groups with basic monolithic goals - (Unity instruction).

  • A reduction of "hoodish" behavior in the home, community, and workplace.

  • Unifying projects to secure a unique future for African Americans &  those abroad.

  • Science literacy & STEM within the African American community & those abroad.

  • Verifiable truths within spiritual institutions of the African American community. 

  • ​An acceptable Conscious Code (lifestyle) to mental freedom from THE SYSTEM. 

  • Green/sustainable living & preparation for the 4th industrialization (space industry). 

  • ​Better citizens on the planet while constantly creating a path for a independent nation of those that consider themselves " Originals." (Steal away projects).

Home of Core Novus

"Collected curriculum, art, materials and ideas for the Conscious."

True ascension starts somewhere....Take the Pledge.
I _________will no longer use the "nword" in thought, action, music, anger or as a term of endearment to describe my people & their behaviors. This tiny and simple act is out of love & logic and will be the first of many to return back to my right mind, ultimately helping to bring about unified self-worth, identity, and peace. 
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AAfire train
African City
All races
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Prepper mindset
Independentnot separate
black math
Off grid housing
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Mountain Lake
Blk Texas
Beach Huts
Misty Slopes

Bean Soup Science Online is dedicated to improving the condition of humanity by concentrating on three schools of thought within the Conscious  Community: 

 3 Agendas for a better people.... 

Science Literacy

Sci Fi Scyntis

Become leaders in the science world and make STEM important in our community! Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the foundations of civilization.
Don't be surprised to find a growing emphasis in science and Sci-Fi within the struggle.  Go from revolutionary to renaissance by exploring and imagining with other  Sci-Fi fans, geeks, scientists and UFO enthusiasts. Learn the real science of what it takes to reach other worlds AND to build your own right here on Earth.

Self Reliance is a mindset. Be unified, but not necessarily uniformed within this global humanitarian  prepper network. Learn to live off the grid like it was meant to be with free electricity, rain water collection systems, communal projects, neighborhood micro loans, security, medical,  construction, disaster preparedness and more. 

Learn skills & create the lasting networks to be prepared to survive & build after an apocalypse. Don't just survive, .... thrive!

              Self Reliance

     Comm-Unity Preppers 

Refined Sensibilities

Cultural Engineering


Most behavior is learned from your environment. Core Novus is the collection of materials that help alter culture (environment). Designed to supplement existing programs, Core Novus helps mentors, organizations, groups and community leaders who want to see behavior improvement in their diverse communities. With unifying theories, practices for positive change & promoting our best strategies, this content is meant to modify behavior and cultural deportment. 

"Return to your original path with knowledge, divine connection and self control. Know thy self and then go forth as nation builders." 


For previous videos go to the blog! 

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