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The number one question asked by the black community:

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Why go to space when

there are so many

problems that need

to be solved here? 

Any space industry (effort involving humans) requires a three-part balance whether it is for exploration, commerce, moons, Mars colonization,  journeys to new interstellar planets, or simply a low orbit staging mission. 

That three-part balance is:

(a.) Humans comfortably accustomed to living a minimalist lifestyle

(b.) The ability to produce (and not just consume) all necessities 

(c.) Complete environmental control  (Mastery of advanced sciences and technology)

So, why go to space when there are so many problems that need to be solved here? 


"What is needed to solve problems, (poverty, war, hunger, sickness, etc.,) on the planet, those same solutions are also necessary for allowing humanity to reach the farthest stars." ~ Marcus Branch


Notice the divine Intelligent Design. This three-part balance for the "science of sustainability"  is consistent, needed in the ghettos of New York, villages of Africa, Latin America, and the future colonies in space.

The technology that comes from this school of science is simply expedited, refined, improved, and discovered while reaching our furthermost limits, off-world and into outer space.

Off-world conditions are harsh, cruel and are some of the most inhospitable conditions known to man.  The deadly solar radiation, great distances between two points, health issues from microgravityextreme atmospheres, and temperatures, etc., are exclusive problems found in space, but consider how living in cramp areas up there can affect architecture, affordable homes, use of public/private space down here. 

Enclosed and millions of miles away from Earth, reliable, innovative, green, solutions are needed to provide the basics, light, clean atmosphere, water, heat, food, etc. So too, can that specifically targeted thrust in technology be used to create affordable, cheap, sustainable, earth-friendly living conditions here. Even the politics, criminal justice & education system changes become clearly necessary for colonies on the moon, for example, they can serve as models for communities right here on earth.

Finally, using the best and proven technology available that is easily repaired, replaceable, long-lasting or recycling is crucial on and off-planet. 



Cultural Engineering applied....

If black & brown people want to rise from their condition, build and solve their OWN problems here on earth, their generations MUST embrace science in their youth, aim at the careers and entrepreneurial opportunities within S.T.E.M. and make it a spiritual jihad to travel to the stars. This will open the door to infinite possibilities, high-tech opportunities, lucrative careers for billions of individuals, and changing the course of humanity as we know it.

Whether studying the necessary sciences right here on earth, being a part of support systems & launching centers, or going up there, our destiny is clear. Rise and build!




We have only to learn, master, design, fund, and build the necessary technology to explore the Solar System.  2015, here are a few private organizations that have already begun taking up the challenge.  

100 Year Starship 



Future Frontiers

Mars One 

Mars Society

National Space Society  

New World Institute  

PT Scientists





Tau Zero Foundation  

Texas Space Foundation

Gateway Foundation


*Note: Only one listed was created by an African American

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