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Preparing for the 10.10.15. March

When I travelled to the first Million Man March back in 1995, I didnt want to go alone. I was young and adventurous so my best friend and I boarded a plane and away we went. Little did we understand or know what to expect. Looking back on it I can member some things I should have and should not taken with me, bottled water, some snacks, perhaps a folding chair and jacket are all good. However, selfie sticks, drones a full vending table and other ideas that have popped into my head, may not be a good idea. Also, there's the mental preparation. Self policing is important in society and I hope the same atmosphere is present again. There is rumor that President Obama may speak on this occasion as well.

In 1995, I remember looking up at a cloudless, no fly zone, blue sky, hoping to possibly see a glimpse of a Mother Plane whizzing by or some weather phenomena to signal " Divine" approval of the event, but none of that happened. After the event I pondered on my Islamic faith, then it occurred to me, something did happened. I have been to footaball games, State fairs, Six Flags, even in the military and I have never been in a crowd, outside and searching for space to simply stand up.

A Million ( for argument sake hundreds of thousands) Black people, from all walks of life, different thoughts, different reasons for being there, etc., were packed on the Mall like sardines, and I dont remember feeling the slightest threat. Not one argument, bad joke, not even a "mad dog" glare. There was a true desire for peace permeating in the crowd and a feeling of "self policing" as well as accomplishment. I look forward to doing this again in my life time.

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