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The Force Awakens

If you are not a Star Wars fan, or at least have gone to see a movie or two, you are missing something about America, Movies and Sci Fi. As Sci-Fi, Star Wars as most Scientists will attest to, is a creative force with such amazing machines and fantastic technology put before you, that your brain is pushed to say…..” I want one of those.” Then your imagination is made to ask…. how does that work? Like most Sci-Fi, these movies get the juices of creativity flowing in the right minds.

As for being a movie(s), you will be surprised at the amount of generations this film can entertain. One Billion dollars…..with a "B." That’s how much the new Star Wars movie made in one week. That is in tickets sales alone, not to mention the toys, t-shirts, mugs, cups, cereals and the vast array of things that consist in marketing this generational franchise. The first Star Wars came out in the 70’s. There is a certain nostalgia that comes with hearing music and seeing a story line made almost 40 years ago. Combined with the political webs and technical CGI of today characters from across the galaxy are brought to life and their English accents are of course, accepted. Keep in mind, there is a vast difference between the Star Wars universe and Star Trek. Be warned, Star Wars does not attempt to stay within the laws of known physics, biology, science and astrophysics. So, there is a tendency to see the most exotic technology, worlds, weapons, languages, costumes and alien races.

Finally, although the Star Wars is a story set a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, one can’t help but see it as purely as an American iconic creation. As rebels continue to fight an Empire for a Republic throughout the series of movies it reflects the patriotic endeavors of this particular country, the Christian values vaguely seen in the Jedi Order. I hope someone does this experiment with children… when asked who would you rather be, a Pope or a Jedi? That is the true power of Star Wars. But I will let you decide.

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