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A sad year for black America.

I never really understood the impact that Muhammad Ali had on the world until I saw the Movie Ali. To me, boxing had always seemed to be a sport for under educated brutes, something that should have gone the way of jousting, Naumachia or that Aztec Ball game. But like Karate or Kung Fu, Boxing is indeed a true sport and no one was greater at it than Muhammad Ali. A brief study of this great champion’s life would also let you he was far from being uneducated. Like most individuals that enter the Nation of Islam and study the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, Ali was indeed wise. His ability to comprehend and address political situations at his time were classical. His skills in the ring were well planned, thought out and orchestrated many times with so much clarification of his surroundings; he would often tease and badger his opponent. He even talked down an individual from committing suicide by jumping of a building. We within the Conscious CommUnity can only hope to be a great asset to the world like this man was. Another great one gone. June 3, 2016, Scottsdale, AZ. RIP.

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