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The 10th Theorem verified?

Take time to consider the vastness of the cosmos and the time it would take to traverse the great distances. We are talking eons. But, with physical laws such as no object can travel past the speed of light, an extinctive nature to explore and limited life spans, scientists and theologians must truly ask themselves….. Why are we here?

We can dismiss the question with guesses and beliefs…..evolutionary fluke that simply happen or created in the likeness and image of a Supreme Being. But now, that we are here,…. What do we do? Core Novus suggests that we find out the answer. It may take years, generations and we may never know but we must… “learn all there is to know and seek the Creator.”

Mankind has always looked to the stars for answers to his most profound questions. Hunting for exoplanets however has recently occurred and promises to reward any explorer. Since 2009, a little over four thousand potential exoplanets have been found by one satellite mission (Kelper).

One feels compelled to believe in a Supreme Being, purpose for humanity and the possibility of traveling to the 700 or so “earth like planets” within that 4000.

Earth Like planets are typically found in a zone not to close to their sun and not too far away allowing water (also abundant throughout space) to be in a liquid state is on the surface. It is as if this universe was indeed created for us water loving beings. But, could it have possibly made for other beings considering the harshness and coldness of space?

One thing is clear…. A species, at least ours will have to move away from war, profit, sport & play, corruption, oppression, all the things most major religions warn us about in order to become a space faring civilization.

And thus, the Collective journey begins. The German weekly Der Spiegel announced that astronomers discovered an Earth like planet 4.25 light years away orbiting Proxima Centauri.

If you are not jumping up and down or turning cart wheels in your office or living room, perhaps I wasn’t clear. This planet is within the reach of a starship in a life time, even with the current space technology of 2016. This is exciting news for the Collective. A target has been found. A planet that is close to ours, within a habitable zone and earth like is an opportunity that cannot be passed up.

Believed to be a trinary star system in the past, Proxima Centauri, the discovery was made by the European Southern Observatory (ESO). The Collective needs Astronomers to confirm this information to determine if it is real or possibly an error in the data analysis. The Collective needs the young scientists to join and begin working with existing groups like to get us there. Robotic probes should be sent first, so again the science and technology for this great task should be research today.

It should not be considered a coincidence that a potential earth like planet is so near, yet so far from us. The question must be asked, why would a God create such a huge universe and have so “humans” in it? So much reality to explore and so little time, the 10th theory of CoreNovus suggest that this Grand problem has a solution that can be solved by the right people.

Whether too hot, cold or simply inhospitable for humans for unknown reasons, the fact that it is there and “earth like” gives us purpose. This purpose, stated as the 10th theory must be perused. Never mind the possibility of the planet being nothing like Earth. The technology that would take us there would only be a foot step to more advanced technology that would take us even further. With millions of exoplanets around ours, I believe the God is prompting us to do what we were meant to do. Mathematics tells us that there are millions or earth like planets in our galaxy alone, with a universe of millions of galaxies. I am reminded of a cartoon song I use to sing as a child….. “you never know where you are going until you get there.”

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