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How to feed the people?

I love the Nation of Islam. I really do. But something is deeply wrong. For almost 40+ I have heard the cry to " do for self" and "make a nation of our own." Yet I do not see the fruits of our labor in or out of the Nation. What going on? Is it me?

The reason I had to go here and on this subject is because I have found the most impressive little businesses. and Blue

People...WTF? It seems like they just sprung up from nowhere and I wonder.... why in 50 years plus didn't any one of the ministers in the nations come up with this? Admittedly, I shouldn't pounce on the Nation of Islam alone. Why didn't an entertainer, a professional sports player, a farmer, or any of the people that win lotto produce this for their people?? What and why has this come about outside of the African American community when we are the ones that CLAIM to want it, particularly the conscious "nationalistic" brothers and sisters?

With the new Trump Admin, it is really time for us as a people to stop worrying what "these" or " those" people and what they are doing to us and start doing something for our selves. What is the solution? It is being made all around us.

I know we as a people can produce......and something like this should have come out of the hood years ago. One can point to the brown bags of the Panthers back in the 60's but again, right here, right now, the need is present. Also, especially now with a business model blueprint before us, we can make it happen.

So, the next time you here a brother or sisters, suggesting we should grow our own food and have our own land, please point them (and help them) with a similar idea. Plated and Blue Apron are great businesses that delivers fresh food to its customers. I can visualize a system like this feeding 5 to 700 people in a dead mall project, producing their own foods and delivering through a socialized system within that community. Let's make it happen.

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