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Speaking the Language in 'Avatar'

For nation builders, unity within a population must be designed into plans. One key factor specifically in a successful plan is good communication. The idea of having a future USA2 (United States of Africa) with a unifying, structured language, would be an audacious endeavor and rather than continuing in English, Arabic, French or any of the other various languages used currently on the continent, it can be rewarding and advantageous.

One of the main identifiers of a people is their language. Since Core Novus is meant to be global, it is for all Terrans (Earthlings). With this said, shouldn't a universal language come from those that claim a "New Core?" There are many examples of universal languages created in the past, Blissymbols, Glosa, aUI, Ido, Lojban and Volapuk, for example.

The argument for creating a language can not be inconsequential. The naturally evolving African American Vernacular English (AAVE), doesn't appear to be the wisest choice when creating a nation that is suppose to be more than just better but destined.

Thus, the mantra of Core Novus comes to mind. "Learn all you can, serve humanity, and seek the Creator. " As we become more familiar with this mantra, one can only hope it attracts and motivates those of us that can contribute to developing the "new core" values, memes, identifiers and in this case a language.

Hopefully, we understand that we must change a people first before changing a world and if one professor can make a language for one movie, imagine what a group of leading experts in AAVE can perform.

Today, in our ascension development phase, a bold opportunity presents itself. It will require those with the knowledge and skills in linguistics, reading, writing, and speech. A rich, robust, easy to learn language is indeed plausible. Most importantly, it is a leap back on our orignial path.

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