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Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”Sean Patrick Flanery

Bean Soup Science Online

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Self-Reliance is a mindset. Be unified, but not necessarily uniformed within this global humanitarian prepper network. Learn to live off the grid like it was meant to be with free electricity, rain water collection systems, communal projects, neighborhood micro loans, security, medical, construction, disaster preparedness and more. Learn skills & create the lasting networks to be prepared to survive & build after an apocalypse. Don't just survive, .... thrive!


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In a world where humanity is part of a process created by a Supreme Being bent to do his design, the question is on going.... will man and machine come together? Will they do so willingly or unwillingly? Find the answer in Junk Planet.


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This hypothetical road map takes a peak at a path of power for the Original Man. His unity, his power, his talent combine can produce a future safe for generations to come if given a chance to build for himself. But do they know where to begin? This step by step guide covers the basic needs of a micro population in a SYSTEM established to work against them. Take a route from the complacency of second class citizenship to independence.



They are considered the Original people of the planet. Yet it is our condition that demands we rethink our culture, select our destiny and determine how we are collectively seen in society.

In this world, Black people will always be hated, stereotyped, even outcasts in the nations they belong too. Orignials will always be pushed into the position of second class citizenship by a SYSTEM. Is there a solution?

Go beyond blaming color or race. Don't wait for reparations, a pharmaceutical drug, cult-like leaders, political parties or this SYSTEM to give you what they can not. Start making the world you want, by culturally engineering the people you need. This is the first study guide from Bean Soup Science Online to increase unity, spirituality, awareness, and motivation for change.


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As Comedian Micahel Che points out, for 400 years the fight for African Americans has focused on human, civil, and equal rights as American citizens, with little to no avail. In 2020, there is a necessity to remind America that black lives simply "matter."

There is a need to examine a nation-building option. But how would African Americans traverse the xenophobic, isolationist, and landscapes of hate that make up this world today while purging them to create a better, independent, diverse, thriving, and secure nation for themselves?

Bean Soup Science Online proudly presents a CommUnity Preppers Workbook. Take an analytical journey into the mindset of controlling one's destiny and designing possible futures beneficial for self.

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