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" Order is the first law of Heaven and you have to have order to survive on Earth. Figure out what has to be done every day, every week, every year, and develop a system to achieve it." ~ Iyania Vanzant


Unifying Consciousness: A Manifesto Against Conspiracy Theory (Concepts & Applications) Chapter I, Vol. I

Reality is a funny thing. It becomes weirder when seen through the eye of conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theories themselves are whimsical and loosely built on reality. They are the results of individuals and groups believing almost anything that will make sense of something. For many, these theories have become the only way to determine reality. To mesh conspiracy theory with reality can be psychologically haphazard, maddening and this is indeed where conspiracy theory can thrive, on the outermost edges of insanity.

Conspiracy theory has become the focus of many using social media and can have large groups of people believing in falsehoods, fake news and other apparently odd things.  Many have claimed contact with aliens or know of a Reptilian race masquerading as humans while controlling governments worldwide. There are those claiming to have or know of cures to cancer, AIDS and other diseases but are being held back by governmental powers or the pharmaceutical industry. There are hundreds, thousands believing in UFO cover ups, Bigfoot, zombies, flat earth, faked moon landings and even dragons. These are as real to them as the computer screen or the sheet of paper you may be reading this on.

With bits of truth, a conspiracy theory (constructed information) can supposedly expose or explain to individuals something hidden and allow an understanding of an unknown. Its veracity and lack of truthfulness is second only to simply making the unknown make complete sense to the layman. To understand something, whether truthfully explained or not is the key to conspiracy theory. But hearing information that just makes sense can send some spiraling on an unrealistic tangent from reality and in many ways  on a path clearly fraudulent, obviously ridiculous and not scientific. Reality has an obligation to truth, not necessarily making sense. Conspiracy theory is the opposite.  

Constructed information combined with at times, just a little truth, and unknown variables in reality (environment), can have individuals make sense of their world literally while rejecting true facts, proof or evidence of reality. This is the power of Conspiracy Theory.  It can literally dumb down an entire society while making people believe they are becoming intelligent. 

Also, there is a satisfaction and “comfort” of the idea that, “I understand something that others do not.”  This is the reward of conspiracy theory. A similar use of illogical process occurs and confounds the masses in political arenas. Sometimes called "spin," one can twist and turn facts and figures to reconstruct truth.  Although one can argue if looking at things from different perspectives makes for healthy debates, polls and campaigns, for determining reality and getting to the truth, this becomes a slippery slope. Spinning facts as well as ignoring or changing them can have dire consequences. It is this reason and more that the Conscious Community will stand for absolute truth.

There is a major concern when separating truth from falsehood and defining reality. German physicist and mathematician Max Born once said, “The belief that there is only one truth, and that oneself is in possession of it, is the root of all evil in the world.” To prevent “evil” Core Novus deals with both reality and conspiracy theory with this simple mantra. "Learn all you can, serve humanity and seek the Creator."  With a lifestyle motto such as this, one can make sense of the world while studying the metaphysical, esoteric knowledge and that which normally makes up conspiracy theories. 


Without this mantra, many conspiracy theories can be difficult to expose. Conspiracy theories disguise themselves as esoteric knowledge.  But one should never be in the mindset of having THE absolute truth or a hidden knowledge.  There is nothing new under the sun, and the idea that no one else has or seen information before until these came across it, is ritualistically narcissistic and grandiose. It is the reason why most claim a divine or third party that "gives" them the knowledge they possess. 


Knowledge was meant to be shared to all. Anything else produces individuals that use it as a power over others. That type of power can tempting to the individual and appealing to the public. A skilled  manipulator of the masses  may find this type of sway useful and rewarding. But those who are truly seeking knowledge that can be beneficial to a people, to renaissance, building a nation state, and raising a mentally dead people, they are the ones who will be rewarded.


Conspiracy theorists can muddy the waters of the simple ascension process, even prolong it through a life time. Because of this, conspiracy theory must be address. The actual power of conspiracy theory comes from the belief in it. hey should always be looked at like sci-fi, folk lore, documentary speculation, etc. For the Conscious Community, conspiracy theory can be a great motivator to practice the scientific method of research and experimentation. Thus, conspiracy theories should be seen only as amusing literature or media to entertain until thoroughly researched for verifiable facts.

Exploring any claim or allegation logically or piecing together reality using a scientific method is what the Conscious Community should be known for in fact. Embrace the science. Jumping ahead of objective exploration to a conclusion because it favors a view can be self-defeating for a people attempting to gain wisdom if not properly vetted.

It should be pointed out, that answers to any questions that are not obvious up front in reality, are not always conspiracy theories. We do indeed live in a world of National security secrets, Black Op Sites, monthly discoveries of new animal and plant new forms on the planet, water on Mars and other wonders.  There is room for reverence of the unknown.


But this is gasoline for the fire with conspiracy theorists….mystery, untied strings and missing pieces to puzzles.  When answers are not given from the source(s) that knows, or simply cannot be found, always leave room for conspiracy theories to thrive. The split from reality occurs. In reality, the scientific method  is the process for determining fact from fiction. Step 1, make an observation. Step 2, form a question. Step 3, form a hypothesis, Step 4, conduct an experiment and step 5, analyze data and step 6 draw a conclusion. The process of Conspiracy theory is in five steps. Step 1, build up the mystery, step 2, "delegitimizing" creditable sources, (NASA, media, Military, etc.). Step 3, use "whataboutism" (answering questions with questions) and adamantly deny rebuttals even in the face of scientific fact. Step 4 trolling (social media and events) and Step 5 recruiting & recycle.

When studying a conspiracy theory, rarely is the origin actually researched by the believer. Many are simply led to a conclusion of a specific conspiracy theory. This is not proper research but ultimately a key identifier of conspiracy theory;  the claiming of truth and not applicable in reality. For example, even if there were dragons or leviathans worldwide how does that bit of constructed information really affect our lives?  What technologies are created to detect these monsters from the deep? Scientists would approach this in this way. The conspiracy theorist however does not make the trip out into open waters, does not understand the complexities of deep ocean biology and will wait for the next YouTube video to confirm their belief.

Conspiracy theorists cannot make their subjects applicable to reality. They rely solely on your belief to make their conspiracy a “reality.”  As with most conspiracy theories, this is how they propagate with little effort and the trail back to its original source dissipates in the process. Who made up the first big foot sighting? Where did the Lizard people in key Government positions originate?  About 50% of all Americans in particular, believe in some sort of conspiracy theory. There are many conspiracy theories out there. But there is a common theme that connects the many different conspiracy theories. They usually point to a culprit, creating, concealing, or manipulating the masses of people on the planet: a SYSTEM and order of things. The existence of a SYSTEM controlling governments directly and the entire human population indirectly, is profoundly influential.


As with all conspiracy theories, no one is responsible for proving the entire theory and existence of this SYSTEM. One merely points to the bits of truth existing in reality, effecting groups of people in their daily lives and with just a hint of “rigged politics” the SYSTEM that is secretly woven in the fabric of a political/national system becomes real, and the consequences of that influence can be shocking. When they are piggy backed off of corruption seen in established religious institutions or effecting the scientific community, (climate deniers for example), they can have millions believing with zealot affirmations in things that are simply not real.  This is what we see today in its full horror. From beliefs as a red horned spirits under the ground that whispers in the ears of men evil intentions, the swaying of political elections, the demonizing of specific ethnic groups of people to the outright and starting of wars, these evils requires a distortion of reality  first and conspiracy theory makes distortion easy. This must be kept in check and that is a duty for the Conscious Community. 

This Manifesto will attempt to focus one of the most prevalent and dominant conspiracy theories within the so called Conscious community. It is that war, racism, nationalism, crime and poverty are not norms to be changed in society. They are in fact,  the ingredients for this world to exist and they are established, fixed and set as integral parts in its SYSTEM and order of things.  This SYSTEM is maintained generation to generation by a small part of the population (1%) who are described in many different ways, but either or a combination of mainly rich, Jewish, white, connected networks & elite influential families.

Tactics to fight or oppose the SYSTEM, such as protesting, marching, picketing, terrorism, whistle blowing, exposing corruption, even electing effective presidents, etc., will not change this. It is a perpetual state of inactive or futile resistance that can only be changed by divine intervention or a continuous struggle by the majority of those who are victimized and aggrieved the most, African Americans, Africans and Original people abroad.

The fight against the SYSTEM and these reactions to the SYSTEM in society are natural and from the 1% perspective, manageable with the proper dispersing of police/military force, Machiavellian politics, manipulators within a capitalistic system. Also, the continuing push of atheism and an underlying commitment to white supremacy contributes to the power of the SYSTEM . For the other 99%, especially those that subscribe to this particular conspiracy theory, after years of struggle, it is a difficult game of cat and mouse trying to determine and implement effective strategies.   The real problem... whether this conspiracy theory is more true the false, both groups (1% and 9%) will always reach the a diabolical conclusion, which is "those that don't believe like I do or that are not like me should not exist." This too must be kept in check.

Conspiracy theorists, among others believe & promote this conclusion (fueling racial intolerance both white and black, class and social status bias, etc.,) in different degrees to the masses and suggest it is the reason why we have the world we live in. Whether true or not, this conspiracy theory has its apocalyptic and bleak implications in society when believed and acted upon by individuals, congregation, societies, and nations as a whole. Within the so called African American community, this particular conspiracy theory is focused upon daily by what is called the Conscious Community. All inclusive, African, American, Hebrew, Jewish, Republican, Independent, Democrat, Christian, Muslim, black, red, white, brown and yellow, rich, poor, old and young. Networked together with third eyes open and all ready to change society individually or in groups through thinks tanks, they all want change. Even the masses or total population of the planet wants change.

No one can point to the exact changes that are needed, in fact, it is disunity, infighting and lack of strategy that is effectively keeping the masses from changing for the better.  This is why Bean Soup Science Online ( was created. ( Face book Bean Soup Science Online). ​Unfortunately,  the Conscious Community, knowingly or unknowingly  are predispose with "conspiracy creation" & the spreading of theories that only cause disputatious debates on social media confusion, hatred and more ignorance. To "wake up" the masses not only requires the ability to separate truth from falsehood, but to apply that truth to lifestyle with clear evidence that it is advantageous to the individual. No major college or learning institution will accept flat earth theory or NASA cover ups of black people on Mars without sufficient proof. Without the proper scientific study and knowledge, Flat Earth is only a waste of time.

The true desire of the Conscious Community has been described as the resurrection of the “mentally, dead, deaf, dumb and blind” masses. We know now, an entire race of people is NOT doomed to be socially, morally, economically, spiritually and scientifically irreparably damaged and bankrupt. The rationale behind this can be condensed into a simple phrase said by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad… “If a person does not treat you right, he will not teach you right.”  Elijah Muhammad was keenly effective at putting a spot light on the “Alpha male” mentality of so called Caucasians and the racially motivated de-education of people held as slaves by them. He was quite clear about the appropriate response to this dilemma….. “Build your own and do for self.”


This is where we, humanity are today. How does a race of people get started on such a tremendous feat if a SYSTEM is in place to discourage this?? The Conscious Community as a whole insists that it is their duty to wake up themselves and the masses, meaning to bring about a self-worth, history, purpose, peace, economic and nationalistic secured future for Black people in America and abroad.  Anything else is modern day slavery or a form of control integration, a maintained relationship of producer and consumer. How can this done?

Bean Soup Science Online was created to suggest that the Conscious Community has been diverted to an anti-authority movement, governmental cover up/expose racists, blame game. The “struggle” as it has become known is stagnated by disunity of the basic concepts, becoming nothing more than conspiracy theory or just a “cyphering on the corner” quandary. Instead of its more profound and original purpose, which is to move the masses (so-called African Americans particularly and as a spear head) toward building civilization, it is foundering in a desire for black racial purification or superiority, claiming a nation of our own as a solution but in fact, no plans to determine where, who, what and how this will be accomplished.

​Upon close observation African Americans specifically, their social conditions is the best evidence of a SYSTEM if one subscribes to this theory. Our destiny on this planet is NOT to be, thugs, gang members, rapists, robbers, swindlers and niggers because of a generational programming and design, maintained by a SYSTEM that to this day hasn’t been confirmed as reality. One would hope that is it is not real. The SYSTEM’s objective may simply boil down to this.  This planet can only feed and sustain a certain amount of people.  In 2018, the population is at 7.3 Billion. It is estimated that by 2050, we will reach 10 Billion, the maximum amount the planet sustain.   Humans are destined to become a multi-planetary species OR continue to victims of population control and manipulation.  

So, we now, understand how we got here in this condition, what happened, what we should do.  Many would concede to the argument that this world is wicked, set in its path, extremely difficult to go through sober and there is nothing to do to change that.  Nothing short of a Christ figure floating out of the sky, a third world war or first alien contact, could change this path of mankind. We must consider another option. Exploration of the endless void that the Creator has provided for us. An endless number of near like earth exoplanets await us. The solution to build other worlds while this one implodes on itself does not hinder nor stop a Messiah solution. It rejects the idea of hoarding and fighting over resources abundant in space, it embraces the Drake equation as divinely motivating scripture and prepares humanity to share this galaxy with whomever may exits. In fact, to be mentality prepared for “thy kingdom come” is the same as the mentality of picking up a shovel, hammer, straight edge and producing one. “So shall it be on Earth, as it is in Heaven.” On Earth.


​Finally, throughout history mankind has tried to change psychologically and physiologically its species with everything from etiquette instruction, education systems, and behavior modification programs, to even eugenics.  It is what most religions in society have promised for centuries to do for mankind. It is the role and function of government and what law demands from us. It is what a billion dollar pharmaceutical industry is based upon.  Ultimately, it will be what future space missions must deal with, before any successful long term travel is expected & restricted living spaces and on new worlds. Human behavior must be controlled by improving it. It is as if it was meant to be, a “rites of passage” for humanity before finding or encountering other off-world intelligence….or the Creator himself.


To find a solution in ourselves and within the cosmos is just one of the destinies for the Conscious Community. We cannot let conspiracy theory or this world distract us. This is why science is so important and should be partnered with spiritualism within the Conscious Community. We cannot and should make the same mistake of this world.  A connection to the Divine cosmological and universal order of things must be accomplished to have a proper science to begin with.

In a reality that was not made to be fully understood on the surface and immediately upon birth, it is natural even instinctive for us to learn, understand, comprehend and more importantly, explore. Let us not be distracted from this glorious duty, with the SYSTEM racial injustices, economic, social craft and the way of this world. When dealing with conspiracy theory, we must always live in a world of verifiable truth AND believe in the idea of a Creator. This solid foundation should keep us within the realm of proper exploration and thinking. The response to this world (SYSTEM) is to simply start building our own (true civilization) now.



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