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SciFi Scyntis: Dreams, Designs & Destiny


How should we go? 

Where should we go? 

 Interstellar Starships are firmly in the gap between sci-fi and real science possibilities. Because this grey area exists, Bean Soup Science Online (BSSO) offers to individuals (12 and up) an online platform to showcase their visual concepts for interstellar vehicles all while learning the basics of deep space travel.


Teams of youth can put the “Art” into STEM by submitting their work individually or in teams while others that are more involved in the fields of  real science can critique their submitted illustrations.


How a starship looks is totally up to the artist’s ability & imagination. We want your imagination to soar!  Your submitted artwork should not be held back by physics, math, funding, materials, etc. That is where the real science members  of BSSO come into the picture!


Dreams, Designs and Destiny gives amateur artists, future scientists & engineers an opportunity to come together and engage in amazing artwork, explore ideas, and expand their imagination

Spark your interest in STEAM, dream and design with a destiny in the stars. 

Why should we go? 

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