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Meet the team.



Artists & Authors 

Marcus BranchCreator of Core Novus Theorems

 & CEO

Marcus Branch - Content Illustrator & Cartoonist

When you see this logo,

know that it's conscious!

Victor Young - Civil Engineer and Military Historian


Instructional Designers

Dr. E. Branch - Reading & Vocabulary Specialist

Hanane Solorio - Islamic and Cultural diversity Advisor

Social Media Consultants

Marcus Gayden - Web Designer/Social Media, Office Manager for Youth/Sports organization.



Science & Technology Advisors
Cultural Engineers

Karon Alston - Conscious Thought and Application Advisor.


Ronald Johusa Jr. - Positive Harmonics, Melodies & Music Advisor.


Fidelis Tabe -  African Continent Advisor



Vincent Ford - Dietitian/ Personal Trainer


Chief Blogger

Abeni Bamidele - Business Owner/Blogger


Kris Williams- Life sciences, biology, evolution, ecology and environmental Science Advisor.

Timothy Choice - Robotics/Drone Advisor, Electronic Engineering & Pilot training


Bethanye  Morgan - Biology, Life Sciences, and Teaching Advisor


Content Coordinator & Specialists

"Lydie " - Freelance Photgrapher.


Mary Sweeney - Freelance Photographer.



Technical Writer & Technology Advisors


Daryl A. Chamberlain - Industrial Technologist & Technical Writer. 

Social concepts, political advisors, community content providers and cultural engineering adovcates & activists.


You - The Consicous Community! 

What is Consciousness?

True consciousness is more than self-awareness. Observing & studying reality, serving humanity and to become one with the cosmological and universal order of things. This is consciousness.

What is the Conscious Community?

A group of individuals that believe they can be a better people, have a better planet, and live better lives. Their  school of thought is based in Ma’at principles, acknowledging the evidence and connection to The Creator and studying creation.

What is the Collective? 

The Collective is a Think Tank dedicated to researching, producing, & implementing tangible solutions to issues that plague specifically the black community and indirectly, the entire world population. Members can teach (science) their way through life using natural, technological, spiritual, and/or other schools of thought with little or no contradiction, confusion, or cruelty to the masses. 

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