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The 10 Core Novus Theorems
"What the Conscious Community should teach to the Masses." 

Online content & curriculum here (available in 2017), will focus on the 10 theorems below. They are structured primarily for cultural/behavior modification and socio/economic improvement, giving the Conscious Community the tools to make this world better and be prepared for the next. 

To do this, one must "research, design and build peace," assuming that peace is the objective of the majority of the population. There is an expectation for a community effort to not only accept cultural changes, but to take action in this endeavor to make the peace we all hopefully seek.

With such diversity within the African American community, the need for some "unifying" concepts becomes clearly necessary. It is our hope that within the Conscious Community,  these theorems can lay the foundation for that change, unity, and new social thinking.


1. Belief in One God. 

Theorem OneA curriculum with criteria or standards committed to diversity, tolerance, love, Ma’at principles, and a *V'ger Concept that suggests: Humanity's purpose for existence is to "Learn all there is to know, serve humanity, and seek the Creator."

No matter what is being taught in the church, mosque, temple or synagogue, this world does not know or understand the divine in his entirety and this world's condition attests to that. ​

However, the failures of existing religious institutions do not  justify the European concept of atheism  nor negate the responsibility of humanity to "seek the Creator." 

With only four suggested moral codes: (1) do not lie, (2) do not steal, (3) embrace technology & true science, and (4) hold to a belief in a Creator,  there is a foundation for all faiths to improve our condition.

Studying the creation (reality) or "Science" becomes "the" religion,  the qualifier for conviction, and ultimately a true belief. An adhering dogma is created that will tie the various religious beliefs in the Conscious community.

Thus, seek God, not religion. By becoming leaders in the fields of neuroscience, mathematics, and space exploration as opposed to Jihads, crusades, "blind faith" and demagoguery. We will become better people.  

2. The promotion of science literacy as an integral part of a newly formed culture. 

Theorem Two:  

A people known for dancing, singing, athletic prowess, knee-slapping, "shuckin' and jivin'" can not build worlds, let alone nations or even better communities. 


They must rely on others outside their communities, experts, specialists, masters to come in and solve their own issues, problems and conflicts. 


True freedom requires us to become self reliant. Careers in the fields of science can be rewarding and lucrative individually but collectively, it is crucial to  a nation building people, creating the generations of professionals s for producing  civilization

Science in society is one thing.  Science as our culture is another.  


This means more than just knowing or understanding the daily technology given to us & used, it also means creating & producing our own unique earth friendly technology.

From how we raise our children, worship and business practices to home making, courtship and healthcare choices, a transhumanistic approach to developing a science literate lifestyle is necessary in our struggle.


Embedding a CSTEMM (Consciousness, Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine & Mathematics) into culture is a essential to our desired change as well as addressing the psychological damages  of 400 plus years of institutionalized slavery.

The Venus Project - Resource Based Economy explained

6. A United States of Africa 

Theorem Six: The Conscious Community (consisting mainly of descendants of Africans brought to America to work as slaves) have always needed to identify  with a geographical bordered mass of landBut the question must be asked....will "Africans" accept this idea of a United States of Africa??

New forms of social, economic and state structures can only be accepted and applied if proven conducive to the present leaders and/or condition of the people, something Marcus Garvey and to Muammar Gaddafi did not address effectively.  In addition, sometimes these ideas are rejected simply because those that present it are considered "foreigners."

It is for this reason, application of theorems 1 through 4 are needed first before approaching Theorem 6. Theorem 6 requires time, people, resources and system(s) in place to incubate.  Only then can a concept such as this be introduced boldly and realistically to those already occupying the land mass.   


This is the reason behind China's business relations and growth in Africa is accepted over a "democracy" push effort from of the United States. 

Acceptance requires examples. The example needed should be demonstrated here in America with African Americans through, trade, commerce, security and other social improvements. A dual citizenship is recommended, if applicable. 


3. A scientific socialist system and community.

Theorem Three: Macro-Level human organization restructuring is needed for a redistribution of land, resources and materials.

Dead Mall Projects inside the existing community areas help define, unifying concepts, economic structure and test "colony living." 

To avoid cult-like (Jim Jones) practices of retreating into isolation, having one leader, or total separation from regular society,  Build right where you are approach, new alternatives lifestyles, political and policing systems are crucial. 

The SYSTEM.... it's intricacies, sources of power, secret/public think tanks, electoral colleges organizations and the people behind the scenes... knowledge of this is required. Without true data, a curriculum that identifies the SYSTEM, a new system of government  for a people is vulnerable.

To simply know and understand that this society doesn't have to be the way it is, is the revolution.  To design &  build another  society that is a better alternative is the renaissance. 


The majority of a nation building people must be engineers, scientists, bankers and scholars, etc. Their families and future generations should be brought up believing this and be known for  those attributes.


4. New forms of entertainment. 

Theorem Four: Competition, the "us vs. them" has its psychological implications and should be addressed and eliminated. 


Also, to continue to do activities harmful to the body, brain and moral aptitude is not logical.


Entertainment is important and effects us in different ways. To become a less stressed and more productive people, entertainment needs to become a key element to change behavior.


Education and entertainment should be intertwined. Although one can always have their "hobbies" i.e. music, dance, sports, raising children to aspire in these fields is no longer a luxury we can afford. The deliberate "glass ceilings" and obstacles in "society-building fields" are no longer difficult to enter.

Money, time and talent need only be diverted to a purpose. A people predominately concentrating on entertaining this world are to occupied and will wait for others to build around them. 

7. Green/Off -the- Grid Technology Acceptance.

Theorem Seven: A population using 90% recyclables, producing goods made to last, advertising permitted only on the internet, and other ideas proven and tested within gated and "well-to-do" communities in America can be accomplished on a global scale.

Dead Mall projects, inner cities, communal groups or within the suburbs, should be considered. When restoration of the planet becomes a way of life, not necessarily just  business, the healing process of the planet begins. 

A United States of Africa does not have to make the same technological & industrial polluting mistakes that has poisoned this world. The future can be brighter, cleaner and eco-friendly and most importantly, the norm. African Americans can create a unifying "Middle Passage" to of culture and technology.

8. Space Industrial Complex.

Theorem Eight:  Move to become a space faring people for the survival of the planet and humanity. "Beating swords into plow shares" or the business of building peace can be so rewarding to our species.

Energy from the sun, medicines made in micro gravity, asteroid/moon mining and other lucrative endeavors in space are problematic and expensive today but feasible and steady becoming more and more an affordable reality.  

Asteroids containing Palladium, Germanium, Gold, Platinum and Iridium have been found near or in between the Moon and Earth just waiting for someone to create an extraction method, robotic, manual or otherwise.

Business experts suggest the first trillionaires will come from those invest in the space industry.  (Asteroid mining). 

As with the other theorems, number 8 is built upon the establishment of the first 7. This industry can jump start a budding new USAfrican economy, strengthen a new monetary system, give an alternative to other nations dependent on a military industrial complex, Africa's natural resources and reduce the need of destroying the planet we live on. 




5. A new monetary system.

Theorem Five:  

Create a cashless society, with transparent and accountable mechanisms build throughout the economic, political and business systems and financial institutions.


Not just laws set in place, but a system that will not work when/if corruption, dark money, misappropriations, pork-barrel spending, etc., is introduced and is treated as a commonplace activity.   

New monetary system(s) based on a resource based economy, as well as other options, but maintaining the boom and bust cycles of the current system, can be developed.

"Buying black" and pooling resources has had minimum effects of improvement with so much diversity in poverty within our community. Secondary problems occur also because this approach only fuels racial division within the ranks of those that have the least among us.

The idea of creating our own currency similar to face book and bitcoin must be researched. 

If THE SYSTEM is indeed established to create a permanent underclass, with a 1% wealthy group, and 99% consumers, our solution begins with the construction of a new monetary system that eliminates the “us and them”all together.

Explaining the Future (Asteroid Mining)

9. A new and only race category - Terran.

Theorem Nine: Only with a consensus and partial installation of Theorems 1 through 8, eliminating the focus on race and nationality becomes feasible.

Society is plagued with racism and white supremacy.  Individually, we will always identify with those like us. This is an evolutionary foresight, perhaps a hereditary defense mechanism.

But the more one accepts reality through the lenses of science, the easier we can accept that we are one species of human on the planet. .... "Terran."

As proud as one should be about who and what they are, their traditions, culture and beliefs, one can never forget the idea that everyone....all,  have the right to exist here on the planet.  

This is, in a sense, the "black man's burden" to fight those that hate you without hating them and to build (again) the examples of true civilization and society. 

One may never end racism, but one can position themselves to no longer be a victim of it or use it against others. 

It is necessary to see ourselves as "differently connected" as one population representing one planet before we venture out in the stars or even before we find out, we are not alone in the cosmos.

10. Off World Colonization.

Theorem Ten: The final theorem and a goal for Humanity. We are meant to travel to the stars, to study all of creation and seek the Creator. 

Science can take you everywhere but Faith can take you anywhere. Our ability to expand across the cosmos requires more than just the mastering of science, engineering, math or even a manipulation of physics (space/time continuum).


Colonization, terraforming and other potential grand endeavors  in the future on the new frontier must be prepared for  psychologically on Earth now today. 

We can produce a better world and/or if necessary, find and travel to one. One would imagine this may be a ridiculous assumption yet, astronomers & astrophysicists today tell us that there are over 100 million targets (at least 1 million potential Earth like planets) in our galaxy alone to choose from.


It is as if the Creator set it up for us to do this. We however, are bedeviled  and distracted by a world content with war, greed, poverty, hunger disease, sport and play, etc.


We need to do more than just  get our act together. The universe calls. Higher math, higher science, higher living, higher vibrations. Let us achieve this as a people, for humanity. Worlds await


Kelper- 452b


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