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Trouble with Terrence, mathematically speaking....

The world of mathematics has well,.... an infinite amount of numbers to understand and study. So, why is there so much talk about an actor and his "math" called Terryology? Is it perahps because media likes to imply that he is crazy? In Mr. Howard's world or I should say, in this mind, 1 x 1 =2 and this entertainer stands by it.

Self proclaimed mathematical genius, has been reported to have created models with cut out geometric shapes. Who's to say what state of mind this actor is in, or the anyone, and that's what makes science and math so cool.

There are many types of numbers. You have positive numbers, negative, prime, odd and even. Algebraic numbers, natural, real, irrational, imaginary, complex, hypercomplex, transcendental, whole, and even something called "p-adic" numbers to name a few.

As much as I like to see this actor continue his success, I feel compel to tell him and the public, not no, but hell no. 1 multipled by 1 will always equal 1. It is a proven truth in mathematics. You can have mistakes in science and math,usually human error can occur at any time and is the prime suspect. The key is to know spot these errors and how to correct them, which would make Mr. Howard's passionate goal to be seen as a genius, all the more real.

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