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Too good to be true

This is Mr. Jameel Rawls and he represents probably thousands of individuals on social media that believe black people are either aliens from another world or have and always had the ability to travel through interstellar space.

Although a somewhat desirable reality from a geek perspective, it is truth, a Ma’at principle that must be told. I am constantly debating these brothers and sisters to provide substantial evidence to this extraterrestrial origin. Truth, none have yet to produce it. With a firm commitment to the principles, one can see clearly and objectively the theories that are produced. Pyramids, ancient technology, strange hieroglyphics are NOT evidence. Just because there is or was a society that this particular modern society cannot explain, doesn’t make it proof. However, I am a citizen scientist! : ) I am very open If there is anyone that may more information about this subject and provide more insight, you are welcome to contact us!

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