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Ninth Planet Found

I am so happy that two major events happened in the science world this year.; the discovery of gravity waves and the possible discovery of a ninth planet. But there is already a problem. Why, oh why does every new discovery have to be a conspiracy….particularly for African Americans? Yes, indeed I am well aware of the history of this nation and different governments, no doubt a healthy amount of skepticism is warranted. But if we are so untrusting of a government why don’t we build our own public telescopes and planetariums? Oh, wait. There are independent planetariums out there. Duh dur. As a matter of fact, there are dozens if not hundreds of astronomy clubs and organizations as well waiting for black people to participate.

I will dive deeper into this subject but first, I would like to give my readers an opportunity to respond and or think deeply on this subject. To many times have I seen Facebook comments on chem trails, people or pyramids on Mars, unhealthy GMO foods and other unscientific complaints that keep our people in the dark about real science and technology.

I am a firm believer in the Drake equation, but everything unknown cannot be explained away with alien conspiracy and hidden agendas. A United States of Africa, any type of free, productive nation can never come about with true science taking a back seat to fear and guesses. Think on your beliefs, they will be challenged here.

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