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Promising surprise for Urban communities.

Regen Villages, according to their website are "Desirable off-grid capable neighborhoods comprised of power positive homes, renewable energy, water management, and waste-to-resource systems that are based upon on-going resiliency research – for thriving families and reduced burdens on local and national governments."

They are especially unique in this time of modern cities and urban transformations. However, two problems pop up immediately as I reviewed their website. First, there is still a clear attachment to capitalism which will not only slow or halt the acceptance of this concept but become problematic once a “village” established.

Two, the website doesn’t go into the “umbilical cords” that are necessary between government and society. Defense, taxes, hospitals, space agencies and infrastructure must be addressed.

Finally, I love this idea and it is worth looking at, however, I am concerned that there are no real pictures of buildings and people. Like Core Novus, this concept is perhaps in its infancy, but sounds like it is up and coming. We will keep a “ third eye” on this.

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